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Product Type : RP-01
Name : Tenmat High Temperature Millboards
Short Description : Tenmat High Temperature Millboards

A very wide range of non-asbestos millboards of different quality, size, and thickness are available for general and special industrial uses.
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Product Type : RP-02
Name : Tenmat FF800 Glass Roll Cover Disc
Short Description :
Tenmat FF800 High temperature glass roll cover disc made from non-asbestos millboards are supplied for building rolls in glass plant for making float glass sheets.
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Product Type : RP-03
Name : Tenmat FF1125 Roll Cover for Stainless Steel Production
Short Description : Tenmat Roll Cover Disc for Stainless Steel Sheet Production

FF1125 Disc for roll covers is available for building roll for stainless steel mill making SS sheets. This product is resistant to heat up to 1200 degree C and very robust against scratch and erasion.
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